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…How about the less overt instances? Like the person who doesn’t know when to leave; who doesn’t know what words to use; who doesn’t know there’s a big difference between Hello and Hi (nuance people, nuance). Someone said very recently, can’t remember whom, ‘Nuance is not our thing’ – our here being Nigerians. I concur. Subtleties? Let pigs eat shame!

These scenarios I describe, they cut across various relationships – whether employer/employee, parent/child, friend/friend(or acquaintance), mentor/mentee on and on, the list goes on. In Nigerian parlance, we call it levels. And when you cross that invisible line (and it’s extreme), we call it see finish.

Usually, it can be a little challenging to know where you stand with people. Sometimes, we make assumptions. It is not making the assumption that is the problem. It is how we respond to the reaction that follows.


Hey Pearl Baby, thank you for adding me on facebook. I saw your profile picture. You are so sexy. I’m sure your boyfriend is lucky…


I’m sorry, but could you please not address me that way? You’re welcome by the way. Not a biggie.

Ehn? What are you even feeling like sef? Who you think you are? When you are not Beyonce. Abeg gerrout make I see road.



Very Familiar…

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