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Now, I have said this before and I say it again. While every home is unique and everybody can choose how they live their lives and what they can accept, there are those of us who will not accept this, and while I continue to argue that women who think like this are products of society itself, I say in the same breath that women do not want to be equal.

-because the door is too heavy, she needs the man to hold it open
-because the chair is heavy too, she needs him to pull it out
-because her education, equal to his counts for nothing and she needs providing for
-because she is simple, weak and needs protecting
-because on a bus, the man needs to sit near the door, he having sharper reflexes and all

All things she can do herself if she so chose.

It is fine if you want to play damsel in distress. But I beg you, would you please let those who are fine doing for themselves alone? Honest, I don’t need you to walk ‘outside’ when we take a stroll because a car can come to jam me and you will stop it with your hand.

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