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…Here is how it works. Do you know why it is difficult to eat the same meal from the same place every single day but quite easy to eat the same meal from different places every day? Heart. It is heart that creates variety in taste. When you eat commercially or mass-prepared food, a recipe is followed. What this translates to is that the same meal is cooked exactly the same way using a recipe that has been settled upon that suits their needs. All the items are measured in careful and deliberate proportions. The result is that rice and stew today is exactly like yesterday’s rice and stew.

Enter the homemaker, who is usually also the official cook for the family. And never mind that every once in a while, other people dabble into that rarefied space, there always is that one person whom everyone knows is in charge of the kitchen. Now this person, the official cook, to most people, it’s simply a question of cooking. That’s why you hear people open their mouths and say, ‘abeg joor, I don’t like when people do shakara about food as if it’s such a big deal.’

Here is why it’s such a big deal…