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Where a Nigerian is, you will know. We take over. We announce ourselves. We are bold.

And yet, beneath all this boldness, there runs a thread of silence, a stifling of things that matter, a collaboration, an agreement to leave things unsaid, unspoken of. We propagate the notion that certain things do not exist. We engender, promote and insist that certain practices are alien to us. We look injustice in the face and look the other way. And find something ELSE to yell about. How come?

Is there a conspiracy? Is there a forum where we agree on the things we will address and the ones we will sweep under the rug? Is there an unspoken contract where we append our signatures to the things that matter and then unanimously turn our faces away from the things we say do not? How do we come by this consensus? Is it fear of rejection, of becoming social pariahs? Is it tradition and cultures that hold us in a stranglehold? Do we interrogate our beliefs at all? Or do we go with the flow, afraid to rock the boat? Do we truly not care?

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