It’s been two weeks and I hope you understand patience is not our greatest suit. The elections are over. Like it or not, you are now OUR president, not THEIRS, not APC, but OURS, all of us and we have owned you. Help us buy in emotionally. Don’t turn us into defence ministers for you. It’s not a sexy position.

So much has happened in two weeks.

It would appear your family has not keyed into your vision of simplicity.

It would appear your party is a house divided.

It would appear you are suddenly relaxed about prosecuting criminals. And hey, what’s up with the PIB?

It would appear your Vice-President is being left out of security briefings for the most ludicrous reasons.

It would appear you have hardly been in the country two nights in a row since after the inauguration (all for good reasons I’d like to believe).

But can we please not be left second-guessing? Can we be carried along? Can we be made to feel that the reins are not already slipping out of your hands? Can we be reassured that we were not wrong about you, that you have gotten what you wanted and already resting on your oars (what oars anyhow?) Can we see that the one month (and how many years was it now?) you had before the inauguration was spent drawing a clear plan for leading this country and that you are not too stunned by your victory to comprehend that that was just the starting point?

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