10473641_740944075979165_6792386103551922034_nWomen, why are you like this? Do you not watch Tom and Jerry? Do you not know that your whole allure as a person is in being caught like fish in a net or rat in a trap? How dare you fling yourselves at men and break them against their wills with your devilish charms? You realize many of the men have wives at home right? And yet, you wrap yourselves around them like boa constrictors, how can they escape you?

The writer concluded the point by stating, ‘ when men realize they can get all the sex they can get without getting married, they just don’t see the point getting married.’ So I ask women again, do you not know that the whole point of marriage is so the man can finally have sex with you? And that if you give him that one thing that he cannot get without the ring, well, there is nothing left to give?

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