…I know my people, Nigerians, and already, social media is divided along the ‘for and against’ abortion lines.

Now I would assume or imagine that in a situation like this, however die-hard  anti-abortion a person may be, common sense alongside sheer empathy would dictate that anyone would support abortion for any of these women who so desires, as part of their rehabilitation. But I am still reeling from calls that insist that abortion not be considered, for reasons ranging from the facts that every life is a gift, however it came to be, abortion is a sin whatever the situation, and all manner of things in between.

While is it easy to say No, abortion is unacceptable, what has happened to these women is equally unacceptable, and while they have all suffered unspeakable terror and trauma, for many of them, their childhood has been snatched from them. Now to insist that not only must they find a way to continue to live despite all this, but that they must have a constant reminder of the horror they have suffered is simply unfair…

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