…Have we not seen it many times, married men who act exactly like bachelors? They continue to carry on as though the marriage was just a minor blip on their radar, not a life altering situation and as though the wife and children are props, things they can pick up and show to the world, and have time for when it suits them, but no more. I have seen quite a few men like this and sometimes I feel sorry for them, trapped in this thing. Sometimes, I look at a guy and know that this one was just not cut out for marriage or fatherhood. But if you think a judgmental society accepts this excuse, you are naïve.

After a certain age, an unmarried man has it as bad as an unmarried woman. The general consensus is that;

-He is irresponsible or selfish and does not value family (doesn’t matter if he is taking care of his father, mother, several relatives and a cocktail of people’s children)

-There’s got to be something wrong with him even though he is kind and sweet and generous and what have you.

– He does not know what he wants (which actually means he does not want what you want for him) even though he knows he likes to cook, bake, clean etc. but he prefers his own space and does not wish to share it with anybody.

-He is emotionally unavailable even though he falls in love like the best of them and the only bad thing his last three girlfriends have against him is his unwillingness to pop the question.

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