Father Lord, I praise you for making sure that that security man that saw me and my oga having sex in the office after hours the other day was hit by a bus. I mean, what would have happened if it had come out that we were sleeping together? But I am covered by your blood. You have engraved me in the hollow of your hand.

Lord, you know that as I kneel before you tonight, my heart is filled with gratitude, just as my pu$£y is filled with semen from my oga. I saw your hand in everything Lord, from the way he grabbed me like a hungry lion and pushed away all the papers on his desk and attacked me, pounding me hard until I almost fell off the edge of the desk, to the fact that he forgot to wear a condom, it was you. Because your thoughts towards me are of good not of evil, to give me a hope, a future and an expected end.  Lord the end you have planned for me is to be the next Mrs… because he is your son, and he deserves to be happy. I shall give him a child. It is your will.

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