Now, what was different about this club is that while it is called a strip club, it also is a pornographic set. I mean, it’s the difference between watching a movie on screen – even 3D, and being IN the movie with the cast and crew all around you. And you sometimes get to direct some parts of the movie. Like when I point a finger at a girl and say ‘you, come dance for me’ and pour champagne down her pussy (I did) or when I swing my gaze over to another table and see a make-out session in full swing and say ‘hey, I want that. HERE.’

So they come over, two beautiful girls complete with dildo, condom, tissue and lots of enthusiasm. And right on my table in front of me, they f%$k.

And you hide in your room and watch porn. And lie about it too. This here is the shit.

Unfortunately, I have never been able to convince myself that people who are doing this stuff for money are enjoying themselves – although I must say the couple who made out on stage as the night wore on had me nearly convinced. Nearly.

Here’s what I find interesting.

A cursory glance around reveals that the audience boasts as many women as men. And yes, the women get lap dances too. In fact, there was this table with three women, unattended by any men I could see.

The sex is also exclusively girl on girl.

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