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10441122_10155397339960377_7295156977301527430_nHello Pearl,
I have seen some of your articles, both on FB and Sabinews. I must confess they paint you as an informed, bold black woman. Inasmuch as I appreciate knowledge and boldness, some things have been on my mind and today I cannot help anymore but tell you this.
You see, we live in a digital media world where people are told what they want to hear; a world where people create the ‘reality’ they want to see every day on social media and then pretend that is their reality.
Pearl, many of your many fans and online friends may not tell you the truth [as you acknowledged in your post the other day] but to be frank with you, the way you are carrying on both online [and perhaps in reality] is simply playing a very negative antecedent. They may cheer you on as you speak on things they abhor deep down inside, admire your guts and like your articles; but how many of those people would really want to be with you after all of this.
Please don’t get me wrong, I am convinced in my heart that if you continue like this, you may end up a bitter lonely old woman with loads and loads of regrets. No doubt, you may become rich and maybe famous. It is my conviction that those men and ladies who now cheer you on online would not want you more than they want a piece of newspaper they just finished reading, when all is said and done—
They all still want a submissive sister, wife, friend and colleague who respects not just their traditional opinions but their view of their God.
I figured that even if no one is sincere enough to tell you this truth, I should do that sincerely without any sentiment.
Warmest regards,

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