10675742_864823483542931_4191958196658249417_nThe most abusive relationship I know is between a man and his chosen deity, especially the Christian God. There is something deeply disturbing to me about the fact that;

I have a problem

You say you have the solution

You know I have the problem

You wait for me to come and ask you anyway, in fact, you insist on it.

So I ask and ask and ask, several times, loudly, with deep tears and grief, continuously.  In desperate instances, I go into seclusion and denial. And ask and ask and ask.

And all the while, you already had your plan, your answer which is mostly likely No actually. How much of what we want/need do we get without Man’s intervention? I am not talking a new Porsche though that’s on. I am talking relief from pain, sickness, need for food, shelter, clothing, health. I am talking averting natural disasters. But your mind was already made. No. But ask me anyway.

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