“Chris bowed his head and sighed heavily.

As he rose to leave, the unholy spirit spoke and said, ‘One more thing.’

‘Yes Lord,’ said Chris.

‘Take that rod in your hand.’

Chris looked at his hand. ‘Lord, I see no rod.’

‘What do you mean you see no rod? Look between your legs joor.’

Chris looked between his legs and lo and behold, there nestled a rod.

The spirit said, ‘think not to yourself, what can this rod do? Doth it not rear its head with pride when swollen with blood then afterward lies limp against the thigh? Take thy rod in thy hand because I shall cause it to consume other rods.’

And Chris took the rod in his hand. He stroked it lovingly.

‘Lord, it is indeed a weapon of great mastery and an enviable accomplishment.’”

This was first published in Sabinews

Read here; http://www.sabinews.com/all-news/pastor-chris-lord-rod-pearl-osibu/

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