Brethren please praise the Lord with me. Something wonderful has happened in the life of me and my husband, Amen?


Yes, I must tell you that all my life, I have been trying to use cling film. I was unable, period. It was such a great concern for me because I am not so good at measuring how much food to cook and there are always leftovers, so I need to pack and refrigerate, but I always run out of bowls and have to rely on regular plates that don’t have covers. As such, I need to cover them with the cling film.

This my inability to use cling film got me in severe trouble. At first, I was unable to find a husband because of this handicap. Many men left me, thinking me incompetent and useless. Finally, through prayers and fasting, I found a man and through wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was able to avoid attempting the use of cling film in front of him, until after we were well and truly married.

Brethren, trouble soon reared its ugly head when my husband discovered this. For our One Year wedding anniversary, we had prepared for eight guests – a small anniversary party – but one couple couldn’t make it, so we had leftovers. I encouraged my husband to go to bed before me, did everything to persuade him, but he stayed on in the kitchen insisting on helping. He pretended he was being romantic but I could tell that he was helping me so we would get to the bedroom faster, if you know what I mean. Amen?


Anyway, he poured the stew into a bowl that had a cover, then turned the rice into a regular ceramic plate and handed it to me. I started to shake.

I moved away, turned on the dishwater and made to start doing dishes, but he placed the plate on the deep freezer, wrapped his arms around me and said, ‘Not tonight baby, I will do this, I will serve you. Just stack up the fridge and put your feet up let me finish up here.’

So, I started trying to unfurl the cling film, but to no avail. I know the exact moment he noticed my discomfort, the very instant when his shoulders tensed, hands still soaked in suds as he studied the clumsy, inept bumbling of my fingers, the desperate manoeuvring and finally, my sagging shoulders as I gave up, turned around and faced him. Long story short, my husband was so upset about this  that he accused me of marrying him under false pretexts, citing what is called ‘fraud’ in law; he showed me his back that whole night.

Brethren, I finally went to see a physiotherapist to discuss the awkward formation of my metacarpals and digits that was responsible for this predicament. He recommended surgery in India, which would cost around six million Naira minus the cost of transportation, accommodation and other logistics.

In the meantime, my husband and I knew that we needed counselling because our sex life was really suffering. He could not forgive me for not telling him before marriage about this deficiency. I apologized profusely. In fact, we had to hold off having a baby until we sorted out this matter. He said he was not sure he would like to continue life with a woman who could not handle ordinary cling film. He wondered how I would be able to change diapers.

When things got so that we were barely speaking, we tried a psychologist that we were referred to by a close friend, one of our sisters here in church; but he was so expensive. At a point, my husband and I were no longer able to pay his fees, so he pulled me to the side and asked me to come for a private session. Brethren to my surprise, he tried to make love to me!  When I complained to our friend, she said, ‘Ehen? So what’s there?’ I told my husband about it.

At this point, I must ask all of you to join me in thanking God for this wonderful husband he gave me. Do you know, when I told my husband, he said to me, ‘Nne, you are so special to me, as is our marriage, I don’t want to lose you, so I want you to do whatever is necessary to see to the end of his situation we have found ourselves in.’ Prov 3:5-6  says ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path.’ Surely, God was directing our path.

So I went for the private session. On my return, I was afraid my husband might have changed his mind and would be angry with me. But he was so sympathetic and supportive, he listened to me patiently as I gave him all the details, then to my surprise, he pounced on me like a hungry lion and was calling me ‘You dirty slut, you nasty bitch.’ Later, he apologized and said the devil had taken control. I forgave him.

However, after a few more of those sessions (and the ones that followed afterwards with my own husband), I went one day and heard that the psychologist had been sacked. Ah, I was so distressed I tell you. What a setback, this man that the Lord was using to bless my home and help us out of this terrible situation. Sacked! My husband took it even more badly.

So, we came to see pastor Amechi and his wife. They scolded us for not coming to them sooner. When we told them all that had happened up till that point, especially what had transpired with the psychologist, they prayed with us and told us we were forgiven. I saw Pastor’s hand tighten around Mummy’s knee as we rose to leave.

They were so good to us. Our mummy here asked me to come to her house every Tuesday and Thursday evening to learn about cling film and other such things and how they worked. Brethren, it was such a wonderful time being in the home and presence of these carriers of the anointing. They exuded such peace and love.

I remember all the evenings I spent joyfully washing Mummy’s clothes, then scrubbing the house, including the bathrooms and toilet. I thought to myself, ‘what an honour to be allowed to wash the very toilet that Pastor and Mummy shit upon. Surely, there is no higher calling.’ Sometimes my husband joined me in the yard and as I weeded the grass, he washed Pastors cars. We were in such spiritual communion and glorious ecstasy. I count those among some of the happiest days of our marriage.

After many months of this, it was decided that since the problem was yet to be resolved, Pastor should go into consultations with the Holy Spirit. And he did. It was revealed to him that we needed to sow our brand new Honda Accord. Brethren, I must tell you that this was very difficult, I mean my husband had worked for close to four years to be able to buy us that car – but we knew that the same God who blessed us with that car will surely provide us with another. Doesn’t the Bible say in Matthew 6:26 “’Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them’ and doesn’t the same bible say in Proverbs 11:24 ‘There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.’

It was with great rejoicing that we took the car to Pastor’s house and watched it take its place among their other four cars. We felt humbled and exalted. The fact that Pastor already had four cars did not deter us. The bible tells us in Galatians 6:6 that we who are taught the word should communicate to him that teaches us in all good things.

In summary my dear Brothers and Sisters, it took another three years for God to work this miracle. We were patient, knowing that even if ten years passed, the Lord will bring it to pass in our lives. Psalm 90:4 says a thousand years in God’s sight are like a day, and we operate with God’s calendar.

Finally, one great morning, I stood at the sink washing and my niece who had been visiting for the summer holidays opened the fridge, and asked why I used the Ziploc freezer bag to cover dishes when clearly, I had cling film. I explained all that I had been going through to her, even the fact that after five years of marriage, we still were holding off having a child because we didn’t want to allow a child into a home where was Ichabod  (the Glory has departed).

My niece looked at me and I’m telling you brethren, I saw the devil in her eyes that day. She looked like she would tear out her fake Peruvian hair or beat me with the garri stick. She looked so angry and frustrated and finally, she sat down and started crying. I don’t understand these American-raised children.

Anyway, she finally showed me that I had been unrolling the cling film in the wrong direction. What a miracle.

The stupid girl was still glaring at me as later, my husband and I sat her down and recounted how much we had been through and how God had used her to deliver us. True, we went through so much for something that, in retrospect, seemed so simple. But doesn’t the Bible say in Romans 11:33 that his ways are past finding?

So Brothers and Sisters, this is what the Lord did in our lives. Rejoice with us. Praaaaaaaaiiiiise the Lord.