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I have been waiting. I am very excited.

You know that great movie you saw, or that lovely new eatery you discovered, or that terrific book you read, that heartrending song you heard, that amazingly scenic place you visited; that new lover. . .?

You know how you feel like you only half enjoyed it, until you shared it with someone else, especially someone close and/or important to you.

That is why you downloaded the movie, or took pictures, or bought some more of the food as takeaway, or saved the messages. To share to complete the experience.

And so;

  • Because I cannot think of a better way to say thank you for all your love and support as the year rolls to a close
  • Because you are important to me
  • Because to not share this experience would be selfish beyond belief
  • Because I would be denied the full enjoyment of it by keeping it to myself
  • Because I am confident that you will not be disappointed (blogs, like friends and books are things you recommend with great care)

But also (lest you go off thinking that I am completely unselfish – a thought that must not be allowed to crystallize)

  • Because Fifty Shades of Me needs a sister blog/crutch whose main thrust is fiction, to help counterbalance all my nonfictional narcissism. . .


One of the finest ‘undiscovered’ short story writers I know, social media raconteur, winner of the 2012 #Endthestory Competition, and now, blogger. Oh, and friend *famzing*

I am delighted that he has taken the advice of friends and family and finally started his blog. He didn’t tell me about it, i stumbled on it, so maybe the friendship is all in my head, but we will talk about that one later.

When he was asked in an interview if he blogged, here was his response, “I don’t “blog”. I think blogging has been tom-dick-and-harryed and so has become quite pedestrian, such that you cannot separate the wheat from the chaff, and any Nigerian human with a laptop, a sizeable vocabulary and some wit is a blogger. This is why I keep a healthy distance from it. This does not take away the fact that it is a nice idea… and who knows, I just might join the fray someday.”

That was in 2012. He has joined the fray and the fray welcomes him. Heartily and wholeheartedly.

Not too long ago, I remember telling him that not putting his work out there for people to see was very selfish indeed. You only say that if you believe – and I believe. I am glad that he has had a change of mind.

This blogger writes from the head, from the heart, from the streets and from the crucible of experience. His voice is fresh, pithy, uncontrived and alert. His characters are nuanced, they come alive under his pen – and stay with us long after we have finished with the story. Bunmi has got his finger on the pulse of short story writing, and no wonder. He names, amongst his influencers, the two Johns –  short story mavens – Updike and Steinbeck. Oh, and Leo Tolstoy. He adores also NoViolet Bulawayo (author of We Need New Names, 2011 Caine prize winner and Man Booker prize shortlistee), and more recently, Igoni Barrett (author From Caves of Rotten teeth  and Love is Power or Something like That, and  winner of the 2005 BBC world service short story competition ).

His work is sometimes strange, a little esoteric and bordering on the arcane. Many of his characters are no strangers to pain, horror, tragedy and his writings have been described as twisted. He however handles them with great care and readers are not jarred; his empathy shows through the fabric of his work like spun gold threads. We cannot argue with the genius and creativity behind them. But when you meet him, it is hard to reconcile the affable young man, with the writer with a penchant for the macabre.

Bunmi grew up in, and was shaped by the streets of Lagos. This time of his life is reflected in many of his stories. At the moment, he lives, and works in Ibadan, Nigeria. He holds a first degree in mathematics and is in the process of becoming a Chartered accountant.

Click on these links to read some of his short stories. I hope he archives them in his blog;


The Passion

The Lone Wayfarer

He also contributes to, and is a registered member of Naijastories, where his series, Pieces of Rags is about 14 episodes long and continues to be acclaimed.

Now visit his brand new site here.

It’s got clean lines, uncluttered and easy to navigate, and already boasts about four stories in the one week since it opened. This is the go-to place.

Read, enjoy, share, and don’t forget, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. And oh, you need to follow the blog to get updates on new posts, right in your email.

I would say “Thank me later” but since it is I sharing this as a way of saying thank you, let’s call it even.

You can also follow Bunmi on twitter @ofamiloni. His twitter timeline is a delight.

Have a lovely hump o’ the week.