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Here is a compilation of some fun tweets (Retweets, replies etc)  about today’s eclipse. I laughed so hard at some and just had to share. Enjoy.


(Image; Best world viewing of the eclipse at Gabon)

@odsniper2; Neva knew eclipse can b nice inspiring o”@gap_teeth: I miss u like d earth misses the sun during a total eclipse….. There is darkness

@gimbakakanda; God will specially judge the case of my neighbour who posted “eclipse things”, ah! What we had here was a slight change in weather jor!

‏@EbukaAkara; Dear Nigerians, In case the Eclipse hasn’t gotten to where u are yet, Pls bear wit us, it’s due to network challenges. Text ECLIPSE to 3358.

‏@daSuspekt; Who Dey Straff Nor Dey See Am….. RT @Iam_wanny: sus.p any eclipse 4 ur area?

@Nedunaija; Lmaooo RT @ogonuell: Nedunaija A committee have since been set up to investigate the failed Eclipse

@reellcute; Not fair”@TweetWixard: Bet y? “@Cute_Ore: Lmao @KolaShangOne: Segun Arinze saw this Eclipse since yesterda

I don’t beg stupid ppl “@AJEdinho: Beg me to laugh pls RT @SQUORZ: Mumu ppl be snapping cloud covering the sun saying its “eclipse” *sigh

@an4all44; If u missed the Eclipse,u prolly was sitting next to a FAT person,s/he must ve been obstructing you

@Cyrus_ThaVirus; Education is good sha. To think that when an eclipse happens, our ancestors used to run helter skelter, making sacrifices to the gods..

@Gidi_Traffic; Some ‘Hair Clips’ “@BOYNENCHE: @Gidi_Traffic Some 9ja Babe’s Be like ; What Are You Getting

‏@Anoty_LEO; Pls if u can’t tweet a good stuff abt the eclipse pls just chill and RT. Ah ahn c dry jokes for my TL

@Anoty_LEO; This one no enter ( . .)”@JohnSuperC: And those bastards ent will be like “Miss Eclipse 2013 beauty contest, forms available for 5k

@Gidi_Traffic#PHOTO @Tobi_Tayo: Took photos of the eclipse at my eyes’ expense. This is my service to humanity haha @Gidi_Traffic

@Gidi_Traffic; No, Its From Your Village RT @davidtayos: My internet is not going. Pls does it av anything to do with the eclipse? 😊 @Gidi_Traffic

@oh_Nah; RT @ugly4real: Eclipse! Eclipse!! Come See How Dem Over Shadow A Man’s Future. Starring: Uche Jombo, Emeka Ike, Chiwetela Agwu, Tonto Dikeh

@zebbook; When the white man finally understands how to reprogram the solar system, they’ll put Africa in a state of perpetual eclipse

@OvieO; Whoever shoots a twerking video outside during the Eclipse will become a YouTube sensation in less than 48 hour

@BasketMouth_; Calabar people waiting for Eclipse like its Dog meat. =D

@Banjhie; RT @donolushegzy: Welcome to nigeria RT @Mr_Davidovic: … “@Banjhie: Do u av to lie about eclipse just 2 feel among….. Hian!

@supersanusi; I can’t believe Abuja people too are standing outside looking for Eclipse. Abuja sun no dey fear moon

@itsAduke; Wait o fake eclipse picture tun wa ni? Ah Naija foreve

@stevekaylanre; And some1 just wished me happy eclipse

@OvieO2h; The number of people who have been, are being, and will be sacrificed in Benin ‘cos of this Eclipse thing

‏@deezer234; People too busy looking for what to eat…they don’t have time for an eclipse

 @Vospeaks; LMAO“@folarHenry: Did GEJ set up an Eclipse of the sun committee? Why is it taking so long? Ahahahahha

‏@GossipGirliee; “Stop tweeting this nonsense -_- @KolaShangOne: Naija gals be like “send my Eclipse gift ooo””

@zegbua; !!!!!!! “@Backarray: Abuja is very sunny o. No Eclipse at all. GEJ needs to setup a committee to probe why we have no Eclipse in Abuja.”

@tomilegend; Demand ke? From who? “@Pearlosibu: I don’t like this eclipse. It is lame like rain wants to fall. I demand a total eclipse.

@OlisaOsega2h; Some girls be changing dere handles to Mz_Eclipse, Ms_Eclips


@Cris_Odu; I’m expecting someone somewhere in #Nigeria to thank his state governor for making the #eclipse happen in their state

@fortdaniels; Lmao!Just accept that you’re an ignoramus “@Mr_onimS: U blind punk. U see eclipse everyday coz ur eyez are bad “@fortdaniels

‏@Anoty_LEO; Lol”@Grandd_Duchess: Or even earthclips sef “@Anoty_LEO: Lol have u seen earclips? “@Da_moxy: I just dey see Different Spelling Of Eclipse

‏@enyiomeruah; Asked the driver about the eclipse. He said “sun and moon dey fight for up”. Gbam

@Freeze_Coolfm; This eclipse of the sun must have been organised by PDP. Cuz it cant be viewed in any state governed by an opposin party. Eg. lagos

@Bar_Baric; Come my house. Eclipse dey my parlour dey drink beer. “@SlyBarzini: Where is the Hair Clips o???? @Bar_Baric

 Perhaps the eclipse is a divine souvenir from Jerusalem. Take that, you tacky keyholders, t-shirts and snowglobes!!!

Will the eclipse advance their transformation agenda? Or is it only symbolic of how corruption has eclipsed good governance

@itsAduke; Some people r so insatiable, they r even not impressed by the eclipse, which is not any man’s doing! Mo beru omo araye o! AH

@rosanwo; Thanks to technology, watching the Lagos #Solar #Eclipse live from San Francisco

Toh. You people should sha be careful. I’m told the eclipse causes erectile dysfunction and you will need to see the next one as the etutu.

@N6OFLIFE; This tin no be Any YeYe Eclipse JARE!…. NA rain Wan Fall

@RuggedyBaba; Lol!!! RT @benz4pimp: @RuggedyBaba i tire o baba,na only naija eclipse dey delay based on say fuel finish

@bwesigye; So, what if the eclipse chooses not to show up? All the Eclipse-themed parties. Consumerism dying us.

God!!!!! »»»» RT @Sensei_Muna: Heard the eclipse was naked, that cloud was just covering it because children were watching

 @Banjhie; Lolz »»» RT @Nickduchess: I want total eclipse. Which kind partial eclipse be this one?(ò.̯Ó)

 @KingDouyeAlfred; RT @Olapluswale: At d Barbers shop,Eclipse happen..GBEM!!.He just mistakenly takes d clipper to ur eyebrow..u gotta use eyebrow pencil bro

 @Nedunaija; Once this eclipse starts, I’ll start preaching in my street, and then I’ll make alter call. I’ll end it with a call for offering.

 @elnathan; Clubs should open during the three hour solar eclipse, close at 4, then open again at 9. #businesssense

 ‏@9jareigns; I guess I can wish you all a happy eclipse Sunday!!! That is all I can read on my TL right now

  ‏@SlimDandyMUFC; If people expected Jesus the same way they expected the Eclipse…Hell would be less populated 🙂

 @BanjhieEclipse of the Earth ke???? RT @Ed; thFunky: Eclipse of the earth!! Where is this happening

 @Dahveydson; ☹ “@iTweetGarri: 😦 “@BigHeadedDude: Other countries distributed free eclipse glasses. I doubt GEJ even knows what an eclipse is

@Gidi_Traffic; Well… RT @AfuwapeOladele: Is there going to be an after the #Eclipse party @Gidi_Traffic

 @cchukudebelu; I thought there’d be no sunlight today. That’s not the case so this “eclipse” isn’t that impressive

 ‏@AfricanCeleb; The clouds have now covered the sun completely. It’s still an eclipse. Just a cloud eclipse. Hehe

@SEBEBE28; ☹”@Pweedyfisayo: Sebebe oo lool.”@Harbeeola08: BLOCKED”@SEBEBE28: What time is the Eclipse Match (Sun vs Moon)

@baroka; Told my neighbor there’s an eclipse going on. He said he heard it on the news. He said he also heard we’d lose an hour today. *Facepalm

@victorsozaboy; If you did not see the eclipse, you are definitely a PDP member, under the umbrella!

@AfricanCeleb; Hehehe”@TonyAtambi: Labaran Maku: I want to thank President Goodluck Jonathan for bringing the Solar Eclipse to Nigeria. This is good

@elnathan; Allow the eclipse joor. You do you come to work on time every day. You know how it is bribing our customs officers and all. It will come

 ‏@N6OFLIFE; Nigeria is So corrupt our Sun Refuses to Eclipse unless it has been Paid some form of money as Bribe! #Eclipse

@Pearlosibu@goddello4u join me and some of my friends. We are staging an #occupyeclipse protest on fb. LOL. Annoyin

@Imagervet; Just tried to get lil miss to come see eclipse with me. She goes,what is my own with eclipse? Is dstv not working ni? Me: *____*

@victorsozaboy; This Lagos cloud is bent on eclipsing the eclipse. This is PDP’s fault

@Nobsdaslushhkid; Most “bleachers” would be wondering what the effect of the eclipse will be on their skin. Like,will it restore them to factory setting?

@MissIgho; Go outside during the eclipse, get naked, look at the sun, turn around three times then call the name of that guy you want to marry you.

@yvonnenelsongh; She’s cooking for me. When is the eclipse again???

 ‏@rosanwo; “@DOlusegun: Incase this eclipse turns into rapture, I leave my twitter acct to my good friend @OccupyNaija. Trust he wud take care of it”

@victorsozaboy; Today I remember Mr. Iyoha, my primary 1 teacher who taught us to view an eclipse from a bucket of tap water. Don’t confront with naked eyes

@victorsozaboy; Dear cloud move over, we see you everyday. Allow the eclipse to shine today. Thanks for your consideration.

 ‏@elnathan; If I was ever ungrateful to you,ever lied to you,ever refused to marry you even though I said I would, look upon this eclipse and forgive me

 ‏@Pearlosibu; I don’t like this eclipse. It is lame like rain wants to fall. I demand a total eclipse

@Pearlosibu@deezer234 No it isn’t. If someone hadn’t told us they’d be an eclipse, we for just think say rain wan fall ni

@elnathan; Nigerians! No need to go and buy fuel for your gen. it will only be a partial eclipse ie half of a yellow sun.Just Stroll out with the book

‏@HL_Blue; What is an eclipse? It’s like Nepa taking light just that this time it’s the whole world

@Sirkastiq; LOOOOL “@Adacampbell: Who’s going to the eclipse viewing party? I did not make this up. It’s happening in lekki.

‏@elnathan; Faith without works is like nkwobi without ugba. If your partner gives excuses for spending the eclipse together, breakup before it happens

‏@xeenarh; I can bet some pastor will claim today’s eclipse as a sign from God. The sad part is some parishioners will believe…

@elnathan; If you want to break up, please do it before the eclipse. Leaving someone youy have shared an eclipse with is the height of cruelty

@boluxxxx; If this Eclipse was on a week day though, we would have declared it a public holiday. We are Nigeria. We don’t let holidays slide

‏@omojuwa; LOL. Heard the eclipse in #Nigeria did not go round. It got misappropriated

@Pearlosibu; Special adviser to the president on matters of eclipse