Light flickers through the blinds, blinds me
The alarm burrs, wakes me
I resist, insist I will stay in this dream
The dream where I stayed up half the night
With the weaver of words, master of lyrics
Lyrics that teased my senses, blew my mind wide open
Opened me to everything I dreamed I could be
Dreams I didn't dare to dream 
So I fought the day
But the day whispers seductively
He is in it
He is awake
He is waiting
He is not a figment of your imagination
He is not a phantom crouching in the shadows
He is here
Realer than your dreams
Truer than your imagination
Pushing, pulling
Pushing you towards your dreams 
That say you can be everything
Pulling you to the destiny that beckons you
But I resist
Dream I say, would you engulf me again?
In you, I am everything and I am nothing
Why do you beckon still
Why do you linger
I choose wakefulness
I choose reality
I choose truth
 But you say what is reality but what you make it
 What is truth but what you conceive
I nod sagely
I begin to fathom
Au fait with friable harmony
That is the point where dreams and reality collide
Where worlds meet and hearts meld
Where the past and the future concur
Where my soul whispers to my heart
Where my riotous musing at last makes sense
There I am Electra to your Odin
And we will choose our habitation
Olympus or Valhalla
It matters not
There you take me by the hand
And lead me by the waters of wisdom
You feed me ambrosia from crystal
We drink Oenomel from the golden Chalice
Fed, sated with the food and drink of the gods               
We contemplate dreams, the arts
Reality, poetry and immortality         
For we are one with the gods
And if they strike us in fury that we died                  
We will say we dared to peek through the veil
And catch a glimpse of what they would hide from us
The secrets of source
The mystery of love
The beauty of life
A life of beauty
Of immortality
Of happiness
Of courage
Of peace
Of anger
Of fear
Of man
Of woman
Of you. Of me
For there, There we will come face to face with our souls