Look at all the palaver accompanying Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage’s, and her husband/former manager’s recent marriage crisis. It’s not so much the fact that the marriage hit the rocks (although the manner in which it happened gave room for plenty discussion) but in its wake, social media resurrected all the videos, tweets, basically everything surrounding their wedding the previous year. People were sharing it around like so much candy and even I who didn’t know of their existence, I watched one of the videos and actually cried—I’m a tender-heart like that, right?

But the point is, most of the sharing around of these memories carries an unmistakably gloating undertone. In fact, I came across several comments where people were warning celebrities in general, and Toolz (Demuren) who happened to be getting married around the same time in particular, about the danger/evils of sharing your happiness so freely and wearing your heart on the sleeve for the world to see. Because there’ll be that many more people to hate on you, if and when it doesn’t ‘take.’ People live for this shit.

So yeah, I say it takes a much braver person than me to shout my triumphs on the rooftops so that if I came crashing down, there’ll be less spectators to gloat over my downfall.

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